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IAEM members are invited to upload documents that they wish to share with other members through the Document Exchange. Share documents you have created that would help other members, such as: exercise plans, training curricula, incident action plans, preparedness and community outreach materials, and EOC design plans. The documents should be uploaded into the category where they belong.


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  • File: to become an emi contract instructor brochure.pdf
    Title: How to Become an EMI Contract Instructor Brochure
    Summary: Name: Daniel S Lubman, Title: How to Become an EMI Contract Instructor of Company: FEMA Emergency Management Institute, E-Mail: , Summary:EMI is building a cadre of instructors, reflective of the diversity of current practitioners of the emergency management career field. Working part time at EMI, instructors usually work full time in a specialty field and teach in that specialty.

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