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IAEM Webinar Recording:
"An Overview of the United Nations Disaster Resilience Scorecard for Cities"

June 30, 2015

This presentation reviewed the UNISDR's City Disaster Resilience Scorecard — how it came about, what it is, how a city can access and use it (it's free), and the information and insight the city might expect to gain by doing so. The speakers were Peter Williams of IBM and Allan Klindworth of AECOM. The United Nations Disaster Resilience scorecard provides a set of assessments that will allow cities to understand how resilient they are to natural disasters. It is based on the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s (UNISDR) draft revised “Ten Essentials” of disaster management. The scorecard has been compiled by IBM and AECOM, who are members of UNISDR’s Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG).