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IAEM Webinar Recording:
"How FirstNet Could Benefit Emergency Managers at the Super Bowl"

Jan. 20, 2016

After recent attacks in the United States and around the world, there is a heightened state of awareness about the need to protect public gatherings, such as stadiums and parades, which often can serve as targets. The Super Bowl, along with its related events, is an example of a huge responsibility for which emergency managers must prepare, and reliable communication between all agencies and personnel involved is critical. The webinar will highlight: public safety/governmental participation; the need for wide area data capabilities; the aggregation of data to create a common operating picture; and the challenges faced during public safety operations for Super Bowl XLIX, which was held in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area. Speakers will include: Kevin Kalkbrenner, Assistant Chief, City of Phoenix Emergency Manager; Amanda Hilliard, Director of Outreach, FirstNet; and Mike Worrell, Senior Fire Services Advisor, FirstNet (Former Division Chief, Phoenix Fire). Learn more about FirstNet.