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IAEM 2018 Thursday Learning Webinar Series #1:
Cybersecurity 101: Understanding Basic Threats and Preventions

July 19, 2018

About the Webinar: Cybersecurity threats surround us, with new incidents occurring daily. What does that mean for you as the emergency manager? Hosted by the IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus, this webinar will help you to learn about attacks that can happen to your organization (and may already have) and basic preventative measures you can take right now to prevent them. This session is basic in nature and is designed for any size emergency management organization, from any sector.
About the SpeakerSarah Miller, CEM, is the chair of the IAEM-USA IAEM Emerging Technology Caucus and a certified Cybersecurity Manager. She is currently the emergency management coordinator for the 16 cities of south King County, Washington, and serves as Vice President of IAEM-USA Region 10. Sarah is an adjunct faculty member at several colleges and universities and moonlights as a cybersecurity trainer (because it’s fun and needed!). She is also an adjunct instructor for EMI and has taught in the Basic, Advanced, and Executive Academies. A lifelong nerd, Sarah has been involved in public safety technology projects for more than 20 years.