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IAEM Webinar Recording:
IAEM-USA Webinar with NWS Deputy Director Laura Furgione: 
"A Briefing for IAEM Members to Learn More About NWS Realignment Plans"

Nov. 18, 2016

This IAEM webinar featured NWS Deputy Director Laura Furgione, who provided a briefing for IAEM members to learn more about National Weather Service (NWS) realignment plans. With a growing population at risk, an economy that is increasingly vulnerable to weather, an aging infrastructure and a changing climate, NWS is taking steps to evolve into an even more effective agency. As part of this process, NWS is considering ways to realign staff and functions to deliver weather forecasts and warnings more effectively, especially for the emergency management community. NWS will continue the transformational shift from merely producing forecasts and warnings, to linking those forecasts and warnings to decision-makers who are on the front lines saving lives and property. This active linkage is called Impact-based Decision Support Services, or IDSS. Download presentationNWS Evolve: Operations and Workforce Analysis Update.