IAEM-USA Children and Disasters Caucus

Caucus Chair:
Heather Beal

Caucus Vice Chair
Dr. Vicki Abbinante

Board Liaison: 
Teri Smith, CEM, CPM, USA2ndVP@iaem.com

Staff Liaison:
Chelsea Firth, chelsea@iaem.com

  • Access and Inclusion Caucus Liaison: Robbie Spears
  • Healthcare Caucus Liaison: Drew Bumbak
  • Public Private Partnership Caucus Liaison: Howard Pierpont
  • Government Affairs Committee Liaison: Duane Hagelgans
  • Secretary: Shelley Bendall

IAEM members interested in participating in this committee should email the committee leadership and tell them how you can contribute to or learn from this committee’s important work. IAEM members may easily retrieve the committee leadership email addresses by downloading the complete list.

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Purpose Statement

The IAEM-USA Children and Disasters Caucus exists to advocate for and facilitate the inclusion of the needs of children in emergency planning and response before, during, and after emergencies. We accomplish this by identifying issues related to children and disasters, working to identify solutions to those issues, and sharing the issues and solutions with the broader emergency management community. To this end, we collaborate with other organizations committed to the well-being and safety of children who may be effected by disasters. We endeavor to ensure the widest possible network for both identification of smart practices and dissemination of useful information and solutions throughout the emergency management family.




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