Certification is effective for a period of five years. In order to recertify, candidates must meet and submit recertification requirements prior to Dec. 31 at 11:59 pm EST of the fifth year of previous certification/recertification. For example, if certified in September 2012, recertification must be accomplished prior to Dec. 31, 2017.

Keep in mind that your recertification fee must be posted to your record prior to submitting your recertification application. Payments made online are batched and posted on the next business day, so plan accordingly. If you are not sure of your recertification year, please refer to your original notification letter, last recertification letter, email reminder notices sent from IAEM headquarters beginning 18 months prior to deadline, or call IAEM Headquarters. We suggest you do not wait until the last minute to submit your recertification application. It is the candidate's responsibility to keep IAEM apprised of current contact information (including email address) to ensure that you continue to receive information related to your certification designation and/or any changes to the certification requirements.

Recertification expires for those who fail to recertify every five years as required.

The maintenance fee for recertification is $250 for IAEM members and $325 for non-members as of June 1, 2015.

Reminder for Recertification Candidates

(05 Sept 2017) As announced previously, new recertification requirements were implemented in January 2015. If recertification candidates started an online recertification application prior to Jan. 5, 2015, please note that the application is tied to the old recertification requirements. Candidates can confirm they are working on an updated application by logging into the online application portal and checking if there is a recertification year (i.e. 5-year recertification) listed under the recertification application in the first column of their candidate dashboard. If there is no year listed clarifying the recertification period, candidates will need to add and complete a new recertification application to take advantage of the current recertification requirement. IMPORTANT: Recertification candidates should save any information from the old recertification application and delete the old recertification application prior to beginning the new application. IAEM staff are happy to assist with any questions.

Recertification Requirements

All current holders of the AEM or CEM who wish to maintain their designation must recertify at five-year intervals by submitting documentation that demonstrates continuing education in Emergency Management and General Management topics as well as professional contributions.

  • As of Jan. 1, 2015, the requirements are outlined below in the chart:
  • Requirement Type 5 years
    10 years 
    15 years 
    20 years 
    25+ years 
    Training 100 hours
    25 general mgmt.
    25 EM
    50hrs GM or EM
    75 hours
    20 general mgmt.
    20 EM
    35hrs GM or EM
    50 hours
    15 general mgmt.
    15 EM
    20hrs GM or EM
    40 hours
    15 general mgmt.
    15 EM
    10hrs GM or EM
    25 hours
    10 general mgmt.
    10 EM
    5hrs GM or EM
    Contribution Categories
    3 4 5 6 6

Note for Candidates Who Recently Upgraded to CEM or intend to upgrade to CEM

Individuals who recertify within six months of upgrading their credentials from AEM to a CEM no longer need to satisfy the Professional Contributions requirement as part of the re-certification application. The Professional Contributions requirements are waived for those who have converted their AEM to a CEM within the last six months.

Individuals who intend to upgrade to CEM within six months of their AEM recertification will need to supply additional professional contributions to reach the total of six needed for the CEM certification. Those who will upgrade to CEM more than six months after recertifying as an AEM will need to supply all six professional contributions.

Candidates will still need to complete the professional contribution section by entering the professional contributions that were already approved as well as uploading the notification letter (dated within the preceding six months) as documentation.

Candidates interested in recertifying as an AEM and upgrading to a CEM

Candidates should not submit both applications at the same time through the online system. One application (the AEM recertification application or the CEM Upgrade application) should be submitted and reviewed first. Once the candidate receives the notification letter with the approval result, the second application can be submitted.

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