Draft Partner Agreement Template


Between the
International Association of Emergency Managers
and the
(insert partner name)

WHEREAS, the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and the (insert partner) are composed of officials and professionals that deal first hand with the demands of preparing for and managing the response to disasters that affect communities nationwide; and

WHEREAS, IAEM has stated its vision as "Our vision is that IAEM be recognized as the premier international organization of emergency management professionals."

WHEREAS, the (insert partner name); and (insert partner mission)

WHEREAS, to accomplish this purpose, the (insert partner name) supports the sharing of information and the enhancement of emergency management efforts at every level and the continued participation of all agencies and departments involved in emergency management; and

WHEREAS, these two organizations recognize the need for increased emphasis on coordination of all aspects of emergency management worldwide;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that IAEM and (insert partner name) do hereby agree to develop a working relationship; and

FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED that the intent of the Memorandum of Partnership is to symbolize our cooperation to enhance emergency management at all levels of government to include communications and coordination with organizations throughout the world.

(insert partner)’s name shall not be affiliated with any public policy positions without prior written approval. This partnership is cancellable within 30 days written notice by either party.

Signed this          day of                                   , 2013.

Ellis M. Stanley Sr.
Chairman of the Board of Directors

International Association of Emergency Managers                                 

(Partner Representative)
(Insert Partner Name)