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About the Principles of Emergency Management

In 2007, Dr. Wayne Blanchard of FEMA’s Emergency Management Higher Education Project, at the direction of Dr. Cortez Lawrence, Superintendent of FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, convened a working group of emergency management practitioners and academics to consider principles of emergency management. This project was prompted by the realization that while numerous books, articles and papers referred to “principles of emergency management,” nowhere in the vast array of literature on the subject was there an agreed-upon definition of what these principles were. The group agreed on eight principles that will be used to guide the development of a doctrine of emergency management. The monograph provided below lists these eight principles and provides a brief description of each. IAEM was well represented in the working group, and the IAEM Board of Directors endorsed these principles upon their publication.

Documents About the Principles of Emergency Management

Organizations That Have Recognized the Principles of Emergency Management


International Association
of Emergency Managers

  Feed the Children

The Ambatovy Project


Kestrel Group


Auckland University
of Technology (AUT)


Massey University,
New Zealand


Basrah Gas Company Emergency Response Department



National Emergency
Management Association


Civil Contingencies Advisors Ltd

  National Fire Protection


Crisis & Emergency Management Centre (CEMAC)


Qatar Shell GTL Emergency Response Team


Emergency Management
Academy of New Zealand


Emergency Management Accreditation Program


Singapore Civil Defense Force

  Federal Emergency
Management Agency







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