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IAEM-Global Awards Competition 

IAEM-Global 2018 Awards Guidelines

IAEM-Global Award Categories

There are four award categories in the 2018 IAEM-Global Awards Competition. (Those in any location can enter.)

  1. Business & Industry Preparedness Award (one winner)
  2. Partners in Preparedness Award (Public/Private Partnership) (one winner)
  3. Public Awareness Award (one winner)
  4. Technology and Innovation Award (one winner)

This is a multi-level competition. Entrants will compete with entrants within their area, and winners will then compete at the Global level.

Awards Announcement and Presentation

Award winners of the 2018 IAEM-Global Awards Competition are announced by the IAEM-Global Awards Work Group. Award presentations will take place at the IAEM Annual Conference, Oct. 29-24, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan.