IAEM-USA 2013 Award Winners

The IAEM-USA Council is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 IAEM-USA Council Awards Competition:

2013 Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award Winner: Teri Smith, CEM

IAEM-USA presents the Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award annually in honor of Clayton R. Christopher, former Director of Clayton County, Georgia, Civil Defense from June 1962 to his death on October 29, 1976, while on business travel. Mr. Christopher was unselfishly dedicated to the emergency management profession and IAEM. His principles of integrity and leadership have served as a guiding force to the institution of emergency management, forming a strong foundation for its future. In 2013, Teri Smith, CEM, Director, Douglas County, Kansas Emergency Management Department, was selected to receive this award by a panel of judges that included representatives from both the IAEM-USA Awards Committee and IAEM-USA Region 4, the original award sponsors. The award announcement and presentation took place during the IAEM 2013 Annual Conference.

2013 IAEM-USA Career Excellence Award

For the first time, the IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee has named two winners of the IAEM-USA Career Recognition Award. The Career Excellence Award recognizes a national leader who has made significant contributions throughout his/her career to promote and improve the emergency management profession in the USA. The 2013 winners are:

  • Barb Graff, Executive Director, Seattle Office of Emergency Management, has demonstrated leadership and professionalism in the EM field. She is creative in finding solutions to difficult problems, navigating smoothly through political challenges. In Seattle, insiders refer to her as “Switzerland” because of her ability to negotiate compromise and collaboration between the executive and legislative branches of city government. She is respected by superiors, peers, subordinates, elected officials, stakeholders and community members. Over the years she has led efforts on dozens of programs and projects, mentored hundreds and shared her knowledge with thousands. Her most passionate contribution is in support of the nationwide Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) where she is currently Chair of the Commission and the Program Review Committee.
  • Donald M. Lumpkins, FEMA National Preparedness Directorate, has been the driving force behind an array of invaluable preparedness products in use by emergency managers across all levels of government. In addition to coordinating implementation of PPD-8, he led the development of: the National Preparedness Goal, which identifies U.S. core preparedness capabilities; the National Preparedness System, the means by which the nation will build, sustain and deliver those core capabilities; and Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 201, “Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Guide,” which provides a comprehensive approach for identifying and assessing risks and associated impacts.

2013 IAEM-USA Academic Recognition Award

The Academic Recognition Award recognizes a U.S. academic leader or institution that has made a significant contribution to the formal education of students pursuing a career in emergency management or through research and development of paradigms or standards that have helped shape the broader field of emergency and disaster management.

2013 IAEM-USA Partners in Preparedness Award

The Partners in Preparedness Award recognizes programs or processes that demonstrate innovative, multi-participant involvement between local governments/governmental entities and private sector businesses, non-governmental organizations/non-profits, or individuals which have resulted in effective and efficient incident management, emergency management or homeland security processes.

2013 IAEM-USA Public Awareness Awards

  • Division 1Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for its Resilient Metro Campaign, an ongoing program designed to increase public awareness and offer preparedness training in the community.
  • IAEM-USA Certificate of Recognition: Randolph Mantooth and Monte Fronk, CEM, for the development and creation of Strength and Resiliency: Emergency Preparedness for Tribal Leaders, a 30-minute training video designed to educate elected Tribal leaders about disaster preparedness. This project was featured in the July 2013 issue of the IAEM Bulletin as the Page 1 lead, and you can download an excerpt here.
  • Division 2What to Do to Make it Through, a multi-agency effort to educate the public on preparing for a catastrophic event, led by the City of Seattle and King County Offices of Emergency Management, supported by an advisory committee that included representatives from local emergency management offices in eight counties. This entry went on to win the IAEM-Global Public Awareness Award, Division 2.
  • Division 3Exelon Generation – Emergency Preparedness, for its Exelon Generation Public Information Brochure (PIB), a company initiative that ensures the residents within each station's Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) have preparedness information. The initiative covers communities in four states and serves more than 700,000 residents and businesses. This entry went on to win the IAEM-Global Public Awareness Award, Division 3.

2013 IAEM-USA Technology & Innovation Awards

  • Division 1: The San Diego (California) Office of Emergency Management for its creation of the SD Emergency App. The app contains disaster preparedness information, interactive checklists to help you to create your emergency plan, build an emergency supplies kit, and when disaster strikes; SD Emergency will keep you and your family informed with emergency updates, interactive emergency maps, and shelter locations. It can be downloaded free of charge at www.ReadySanDiego.org/SDEmergencyApp. This entry went on to win the IAEM-Global Technology & Innovation Award, Division 1.
  • Division 2: Broadband Hamnet, developed by Amateur Radio operators to provide Amateur Radio operators a high speed digital wireless communications mesh network. The firmware is available at no charge via the project website at www.hsmm-mesh.org. This entry went on to win the IAEM-Global Technology & Innovation Award, Division 2.