IAEM-USA is the Sponsor of this year's FIRST LEGO League World Festival. Bruce Lockwood, CEM, IAEM-USA President, spoke at the Opening Ceremonies on Apr. 23. The Festival was underway until Apr. 26, at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. IAEM-USA had a booth at the event, manned by a contingent of IAEM members and staff.

Watch the 3-minute recap video here!

Bruce Lockwood and Beth Armstrong share preparedness information with the competitors at the IAEM Booth.

Allen Simmons and Charlie Wharton, two IAEM student members, helped out with the IAEM Booth at FLL on Apr. 25.

Teams have been working their disasters at the Apr. 25 competition tables. IAEM is proud to be the World Festival Sponsor.

IAEM-USA President Bruce Lockwood, CEM, was a speaker at the Opening Ceremonies of the FLL World Festival, Apr. 23.

IAEM members Allen Simmons (left) and Charlie Whoton met Wil.i.am (center) at FIRST dinner on the evening of Apr. 25.

Lots of excitement at the Closing Ceremonies, Apr. 26.

Dr. Woody Flowers speaks at Closing Ceremonies

IAEM-USA Region 4 President Lanita Lloyd has had her hands full today greeting FIRST LEGO League competitors.
The IAEM booth has been the place to be!

The action at the tables appears on the big screen, Apr. 25.

IAEM Member Dan Duchene educated a large group of curious youth at the IAEM booth during today's events at the World Festival for the FIRST Championships. IAEM is a proud sponsor of the World Festival running through Apr. 26 in St. Louis.  

The IAEM Team spread the America's PrepareAthon message in a very busy booth Apr. 25, 2014. Be Smart, Take Part, Prepare!

Teams from more than 36 countries are participating in the FIRST Championship in St. Louis. A group from Chile stopped by the IAEM booth. Apr. 25, 2014. Norway has a nice area.
From Huntsville, AL, State Champs Panda-minimum will compete the FIRST Championship for Regionals. This FIRST LEGO League team was profiled in the March 2014 IAEM Bulletin. The kids are shown with IAEM reps Lanita Lloyd, CEM, IAEM-USA Region 4 President; Jacob Dickman; and Dan Duchene.
Let's give a big IAEM cheer for this team!
IAEM-USA President Bruce Lockwood met with members of Team Titaniam at the IAEM Booth at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis.

Bruce Lockwood, CEM, IAEM-USA President, hands out light sticks to kids visiting the IAEM booth at the FLL World Festival.

IAEM members and staff ready to work the IAEM booth at the FLL World Festival, Apr. 24, 2014.

The IAEM Team is promoting the America's PrepareAthon! message, "Be Smart, Take Part, Prepare," at Booth 1.
IAEM-USA is a proud FLL World Festival Sponsor.

IAEM-USA student representatives at FLL World Festival: Jacob Dickman/Capella, Bruce Benz/NW AR CC, Allen Simmons/AR Tech, Dan Duchene/NW AR CC, and Charlie Warton/AR Tech.


There have been many unique visitors to IAEM Booth 1 at the FLL World Festival in St. Louis. IAEM CEO Beth Armstrong met up with a robot on Apr. 24!

IAEM-USA Region 4 President, Lanita Lloyd, CEM with kids from Team 1710 at the FLL World Festival, Apr. 24, 2014.

Note disaster preparedness messages on packaging of Lego-shaped candy handed out at the IAEM Booth.

IAEM booth display includes America's PrepareAthon! materials.

Sherry Meyers (right) with Student at FLL World Festival.

IAEM members and staff are enjoying their participation in this exciting event, the FLL World Festival 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri.