IAEM-USA Region 5

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Judson M. Freed, MA, CEM
IAEM-USA Region 5 President

Ramsey County Emergency Management & Homeland Security
St. Paul, MN

Brad Gilbert, OCEM
IAEM-USA Region 5 Vice President

Union County Emergency Management Agency
St. Marysville, Ohio
Lee Foster, MS, CEM
IAEM-USA Region 5 Secretary

Director, Preparedness Programs
Powell, Ohio

Region 5 includes: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Region 5 Bylaws (approved 14 July 2017)

Region 5 Updates

Region 5 News

  • IAEM-USA Region 5 Participation at the EMAO Conference (08 Dec 2017) Region 5 President Judd Freed spoke to the Emergency Management Association of Ohio Winter Conference in Perrysville, Ohio, on Dec 8, 2017. Judd has now been to four of the states’ conferences to share information about IAEM and the value of IAEM membership. Next year’s IAEM Annual Conference is being held in Region 5 at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Left to right: IAEM-USA Government Affairs Vice Chair and Region 5 Vice President Brad Gilbert;
Emergency Management Association of Ohio Executive Director Michelle Fitzgibbon; Region 5 President
Judd Freed; and EMAO President John Kochis at the EMAO Winter Conference in Perrysville, Ohio, Dec 8, 2017.

  • Results of IAEM-USA Region 5 Election (10 Oct 2017) In the online Region 5 officers' election ending on July 14, 2017, Judd Freed was re-elected as President of Region 5, Brad Gilbert was elected Region 5 Vice President, and Lee Foster was elected Region 5 Secretary. The Region 5 Bylaws amendments were approved.
  • NACo Safe and Secure Counties Symposium (08 Dec 2015) The National Association  of Counties  (NACo) hosted a “Safe and Secure Counties Symposium” Dec. 3-5, 2015, in Colorado Springs. Emergency managers who are NACo members joined some 200 elected county officials from across the nation to discuss trends and best practices in public safety and emergency management issues at the county level. Private sector, FEMA and DHS representatives also attended and presented on topics ranging from cybersecurity to mental health in jails to mitigation and recovery. Pictured in the photo to the right, IAEM-USA Region 5 President Judd Freed, CEM, who serves as vice chair of NACo’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Committee, spoke to the gathering on the importance of understanding community risk and the need for professional emergency managers.

    During the symposium, local emergency managers met with Alaina Clark, deputy assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Emergency managers and elected officials received a briefing on the future of DHS and the current issues of funding. After the briefing, Ms. Clark took many pointed questions about the need for transparency and the role of local emergency management from the NACo Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee, to which these emergency managers belong.

    Left to right: Kristin Sailer (St. Croix County EMA, Wisconsin); Roy Waite (Clarke County EMA, Alabama); Judd Freed, CEM, (Ramsey County EMA, Minnesota, IAEM-USA Region 5 President); Ms. Clark; Eddie Hicks (Morgan County EMA, Alabama); R.C. Smith (El Paso County EMA, Colorado); Hadi Sedigh (NACo Legislative Liaison).
  • Results of IAEM-USA Region 5 Officers Election (30 Nov 2015) IAEM-USA Region 5 members elected the following regional officers in the election ending Sept. 16, 2015, who took office at IAEM 2015 Annual Conference: Judson M. Freed, MA, CEM, President; and Frank J. Kriz, MS, CEM, Vice President.
  • IAEM-USA Region 5 Outreach (24 Jan 2014) IAEM-USA Region 5 President David Christensen (left in the photo to the right) met with U.S. Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-R) on Jan. 24, 2014, to discuss EMPG, Congressional support for the Emergency Management Institute, and support for local EM programs.